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iGaming Affiliate Marketing

WYN Global Media Limited is a performance marketing company in the iGaming industry. 

Our expert team is designed for and fully focused on Asian markets. Hence if you are entering these markets as a new affiliate, we can help you achieve your marketing targets and jump start your business.

Affiliate marketing is the common practice where you get to advertise different products or services by placing affiliate links on various websites which your prospective customers or clients are most likely to visit. These sites are known as affiliates and after signing up to affiliate marketing programs these sites receive a prearranged commission when referrals generate conversions. 

This prearranged commission marketing model based on performance provides much more opportunities to affiliates looking for different ways to monetize their websites at the same time offering a high ROI to providers.

If you are searching for ways to leverage the usual Pay for Performance Marketing model, WYN Global Media can definitely help! With our broad offer of affiliate marketing services, we help different businesses build high-performance affiliate marketing campaigns so that they can achieve more visibility at the right online spaces and benefit from. We have a vast network of major influencers, multiple advertisers and various publishers that can help enable your business through connecting you with the right marketer and maximize ROI.

What We Do

Our affiliate marketing campaigns are designed to drive measurable results in order to help our partners achieve their main marketing goals – drive more traffic, generate more leads and increase their revenue while building brand awareness.

Our broad spectrum of affiliate marketing services, includes:

  • Textual ads creation
  • Banner ads design
  • Advertising network set up for iGaming affiliate projects
  • Content marketing 
  • Affiliate program management, including liaising between affiliates
  • Advanced sales tracking and reporting setup

Depending on your current stage of development and products in your portfolio we can offer the following services to match your business needs, and help boost your affiliate business to get your brand message across:

  • Blogs
  • Web portals
  • Various comparison websites
  • Product review sites
  • Membership and voucher sites
  • Niche sites

And much more!

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Want to rocket boost your business? Don’t hesitate and get in touch today, we will do our best to help you.

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